Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract - Tincture

It is important to start from the very beginning to understand the situation. We use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract which actually consists of CBD plus other chemicals and compounds extracted from the whole hemp plant. Full Spectrum Hemp oil would be difficult to measure and take the correct amount on a daily basis. To solve this problem, we have dissolved the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into healthy oil to make it easier for people to measure and use.

At Exceptional 357 we have carefully chosen two different oils to be used in our CBD oil. We offer MCT oil or Hemp oil in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract tincture.

MCT oil is short for Medium-Chain Triglyceride oil. That is a fancy name for a few different oils, including coconut oil. Studies show MCT oil may help provide a variety of different wellness benefits, including:

    - Promoting a healthy gut environment by reducing the growth of yeast and bacteria (1).

    - Providing an instant source of energy (1), easily absorbed throughout the body.

    - Supporting weight loss (2) by increasing fullness and ketone production. 

Currently, we offer 66.67 mg/ml in three different sizes bottles - 5ml, & 30ml.

We believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits of CBD oil. However, there is a growing population of people who have serious allergies to coconut products. We offer an alternative to mitigate allergy concerns by using pure organic hemp oil. Additional, health benefits from hemp oil may provide anti-oxidant benefits through its high levels of Vitamin E (3).

Currently, we offer 90 mg/ml in three different sizes bottles - 5ml, 30ml, & 100ml using a Light Defense Glass bottle known as Miron Violetglas.

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(2) St Onge, M.P, Bosarge, A. (2008) Weight loss diet that includes consumption of medium-chain triglyceride oil leads to a greater rate of weight and fat loss than does olive oil. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

(3) Mihoc M., Pop G., Alexa, E., Radulov, I. (2012) Nutritive quality of Romanian hemp varieties (cannabis sativa L.) with special focus on oil and metal contents of seeds. Chemistry Central Journal.

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